All About Our Furniture Showroom

In the Spring of 2019, we were wrapping up a massive commercial project in Downtown Rogers for one of our biggest clients, Onyx Coffee Lab, when we spotted an empty storefront available just two doors down from their new HQ. The space was unassuming and in need of a lot of work, but it had caught our eye, and our minds were turning as we asked ourselves if it was finally time to make the long anticipated jump into having a physical location to serve as our own HQ and showroom. With Onyx just two doors down, it felt like the perfect opportunity, and we decided to pursue the space and see what doors might open for us.

With the support of an incredible community encouraging us to go for it, we ended up securing the location and beginning a transformation of the space that would far exceeded even our wildest dreams. When the space became ours, it had outdated surfaces everywhere you looked – old floral carpet, beadboard wall cladding, and a dirty, discolored drop down ceiling. As we began to explore options for how to upgrade the space to make it more our style, we realized that the solution actually wasn't to make things look newer, it was to strip things down to reveal what was even older.

Over the course of several months, we ripped out layer after layer of past "updates" from the previous tenants, and ultimately we removed three layers of ceiling, walls, and floors to reveal the building's original concrete slab flooring, original brick walls, and the original wooden beam ceiling. With all the updates pulled out, we were standing in a space that very closely resembled what it had been over 120 years ago when it was first built!

We cleaned and sealed the floor, walls, and ceiling beams and built custom architectural fixtures to add style and function to our space – steel barn doors to separate our back office from the main showroom and a massive steel cloud with integrated lighting that we fabricated and installed to conceal the pipes and electrical throughout the space. Finally, with a little exterior facelift and our signage painted on the building, we had an absolutely gorgeous space with a blend of industrial and modern touches that serve as the perfect backdrop for our furniture on display!

We couldn't be more proud of the showroom renovation and the original furniture pieces we have on display inside this showroom. We'd love to give you a tour! Swing by to see us next time you're in Downtown Rogers, or schedule a private appointment today!

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