About Our Custom Design + Build Services

Over the last decade, our team has built thousands of custom furniture pieces for both residential and commercial spaces. Before opening our residential furniture showroom at the end of 2019, our business was almost exclusively full-custom commissioned builds, so we are well accustomed to working with clients on custom projects ranging from single piece builds all the way to entire commercial build-outs. Our early years as a business where characterized by lots of learning as we took on any and all custom requests, and over the years we refined our skills and offerings as our experience taught us how to best handle countless new and exciting challenges. While our business has evolved to center itself around an extensive offering of customizable furniture designs, fully custom builds are still a huge part of what we do!

We've been privileged to build custom furniture pieces for homeowners all across the country, as well as numerous well-loved commercial spaces in our local community and beyond. In the commercial world, we've furnished restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, churches, banks, corporate and local offices, and retail stores. Helping people create spaces that evoke pride and delight is why we are in the maker business, and it's our honor to work with individuals to design and build furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally excellent. 

Below is a look at our custom Design + Build process. If you have a project in mind, you can find basic information below and then get a conversation going with us through our Contact Page!

  1. Discovery - During this initial phase, we will go over your intended project scope, design inspiration, functional requirements, dimensions, material and finish preferences, scheduling deadlines, and any relevant budget details. The more information we can gather about your vision for this project, the better equipped we will be to deliver a design that fits your wants, needs, and intended investment. 

  2. Design & Bid - Once we have discussed all relevant details surrounding your project, we will begin concepting and bidding your build. We will then present an estimate for the project scope for you to approve to ensure that our partnership is a good fit and in line with your intended investment. 

  3. Deposit & Design Approval- Upon acceptance of a custom project bid, we require a deposit of 50% of the project total to move the project into our production queue. Once we receive your deposit, we will create shop drawings for you to approve to ensure that all project details are properly accounted for. (Note: Should you request conceptual renderings prior to acceptance of a bid, we can create digital renderings for a small fee. Should you decide to proceed with your project, the fee will be applied as part of your project deposit.) We will create project drawings within 5 business days upon receipt of your deposit and will submit them to you for approval. Upon approval, we will order materials and finalize your project’s spot in our production calendar. 

  4. Production - Once we have received your project deposit and gotten approval on the project’s shop drawings, we have a standard production turnaround time of 4-8 weeks on small projects (i.e. single furniture piece orders), 6-8 weeks for medium projects (i.e. orders of 2-10 pieces), and 8-10 weeks for large projects (11+ pieces). If you know that your project requires a faster turnaround time, please let us know! We may be able to facilitate an expedited production, but the project may be subject to a 10% rush fee.

  5. Final Payment & Project Completion - When your project in nearing completion, we will send you an email with your final invoice and scheduling options for pickup, delivery, or installation. Payment for completed projects is due prior to or upon pickup, delivery, or installation without exception. Payments may be made via check or online credit card payment. 

We would love to talk with you about your custom project. We can't wait to hear from you!